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Grace Walker Goad

Gallery - 2007

Photo Descriptions:

Untitled (Puzzle)
Tempera, gold leafing on paper; framed, for sale
Puzzle is one Grace's most special works. The universal symbol of autism is a puzzle piece. Of all the choices of three-dimensional media to place on her creation, Grace chose a puzzle piece, (which she then gold leafed). Again, neurotypical observers are left to "puzzle" her cognition of her disAbility, its' symbols and what she may be communicating by what seems to be very powerful imagery of hands emerging from the earth (brown, green) and the ascension of flames.

Untitled (Guardian Angel)*
Ink & acrylic on silk; not for sale
This is also one of Grace's most unique creations. It is featured on the cover art of the The American Journal of Psychiatry, November, 2010. Three distinquished Vanderbilt University faculty members--Dr. Jeremy Veenstra-VanderWeele, M.D., Zachary Warren Ph.D. and Dr. Kevin Sanders, M.D. published an article, "Identity Crisis Involving Body Image in a Young Man with Autism," in this issue and asked GraceArt to submit cover art for the publication's consideration. From about six images, the Journal's staff chose "Guardian Angel."

Acrylic & mixed media on canvas; not for sale
In 2009, in honor of the outgoing extraordinary executive director, Pat Levitt, Ph.D., Vanderbilt Kennedy Center purchased "Hands" for the conference room of the director's suite, where it remains.

Leaf Man
Acrylic & mixed media on canvas; original sold; for sale; giclee print on archival paper
This fun and allusive piece, is one of several works created with leaves, including here and here, among others held in her family's private collection. From the time she was able to toddle about her neighborhood, Grace demonstrated an affinity for collecting leaves, which continues until current day. Barb Joers, former Vanderbilt Children's Hospital's chief financial officer purchased Leaf Man for her offices there.

Grace Goad, Leisa A. Hammett & Toni Braxton
In 2007, Grace and her art were featured on the autism episode of ABC's "The View," which also starred R&B singer-songwriter and autism parent Toni Braxton. As evidenced on this page, the year 2007 was an extraordinary year for GraceArt. This was the year Grace also launched her card line.

*The creation of Guardian Angel illustrated for Grace's teacher, Hannah Maxwell Rowell , and once again for those who have known of her art and worked with her, that despite her apparent cognitive challenges, Grace is very intentional in her art-making process. The media used were atypical combinations. Yet, Grace was insistent in mixing paint from a tube of silver acrylic paint that had been left in the art studio. After attempts to dissuade her because of the unusual combination, her wise teacher relented. With a couple of broad, quick swaths, Grace created this image, which, when turned on it's side, produces an image that many interpret as angel-like figures. Pure coincidence? Something more? You decide. This image appears on the November, 2010 cover of The Journal of American Psychiatry. More on "Guardian Angel" in this "Journey with Grace" blog post.